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Address: 7995 Kowaliga Rd, Eclectic, AL 36024
Phone: (334) 857-3900

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Get in touch with us for all of your Lake Martin outdoor furniture store goods including grilling, patio furniture, and decor. You can browse our large selection of outdoor patio furniture apparel and gifts and the very best of the best outdoor kitchen essentials. Here at Lake Martin mini mall we pride ourselves on the fact that we have tons of unique and exciting items for you to look through. Whatever you may be looking for, whether it is outdoor furniture or a gift for someone, we promise we will have plenty of options for you to choose from. Hospitality is our specialty and that is why we have such success with our customers. We want to be welcoming to you and all your family members so that your experience here at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store is one you will never forget. We would love to answer any of your questions that we can and look forward to seeing you.

Our furniture selection is unmatched. We have a large variety of outdoor furniture that is sure to be sustainable and durable. One of our selections is a brand called Breezesta furniture. Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store carries this brand because they are made from 100% recycled plastic milk and water bottles. You can be sure to be proud of your purchase because it is sustainable and beautiful. One of our other options when you visit our mini mall is the very best of the best grill. This girl is the big green egg. It is extremely versatile and functional. If you have dreamed of allowing people with your outdoor cooking skills this is going to be the perfect grill for you. With state of the art ceramics and temperature control, the big green egg is sure to satisfy you.

Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store is truly for everyone. Since 2013 when brothers Scott and Jason purchased the land where you can find our mini mall we have focused heavily on creating a place and experience for every single one in the family. No matter the age, interest or gender, we have the whole family covered here at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store.

Where can you find us? You will be able to find us at the intersection of US Highway 63 and State Route 229. Whenever you have a vacation to Lake Martin be sure to stop by so that we are able to help you find the furniture that you want for your patio. Are you in the market for a fountain? If you are looking for a water fountain to help create a relaxing environment in your yard then look further. Here at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store we are excited to create beautiful spaces for you and help you design the landscape of your dreams. An outdoor fountain can be the perfect addition to anyone’s yard and you can be sure to find it here. We even provide custom lighting for your fountains to ensure you the elevated look you are looking for.

Our outdoor store is filled to the brim with anything for your driveway, backyard or patio. If your goal is to find a different material to make your driveway out of then we have plenty of options. We carry things like moss rock which looks great in gardens, river rounds that are commonly used for landscape problem solving and even cottage stack and corners to create a cottage vibe for your home. Your outdoor space has never looked better!

Another attribute of our mini mall that you will love is our attention to unique items for indoor and outdoor. We carry all kinds of things to make sure that you find exactly the eye-catching piece you are looking for to make your space perfect for you. On your vacation to Lake Martin do not forget to stop in to tell us hi and look for your next project starting or finishing piece. Our team is here and ready to help with whatever you need.

Something that is very near and dear to our hearts here at Lake Martin Mini Mall is giving back and getting involved heavily in our community. When lake Martin Mini Mall was first started we built the business around the community and it is still a super integral part of our business model. We love our community and home and are passionate about giving back. This is why we give back to two different programs within our reach. We understand that not everyone is as fortunate as us so that is why we are involved in 2 different organizations that allow us to give back. Can you give to Alabama youths sheriffs ranches and operation underground railroad. We are very passionate about Both of these organizations and have the desire to help people within these programs. Whenever you shop with us, you can be reassured that you are giving to a great cause as well.

Alabama youths sheriff’s ranches have a mission to provide Christian and family homes for Mady and neglected school-age children in Alabama. This organization helps to grow these kids spiritually and physically into productive and responsible people for the future. We highly support this mission and want to help in any way that we can. When you come to visit us you can ask any questions about either of our organizations and we would love to fill you in on why we are so passionate about giving back.

The other organization that we support is the operation underground railroad. This is to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. This operation is extremely important to us. This resource is in 34 different states and in 22 countries around the world. It is so sad when you realize how many places children are being abused in. This is why we want to help this organization in any way possible.

Here at Lake Martin Mini Mall we really do love our community and want to give you as the visitor the experience of a lifetime. We can not wait for you to come by or get in contact with us. It is easy to give us a call today with any questions at 334.857.3900.