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The Lake Martin Mini Mall Difference

At Lake Martin Mini Mall, we are all about community. We love living by the beautiful Lake Martin and all of the people around us. That’s why we go above and beyond to immerse ourselves into the Lake Martin community. Between our events, our giveback, and the infamous Lake Martin Tee’s – we have quite the community surrounding Lake Martin Mini Mall. See our gifts and apparel to learn more today.& Experience all of its Eclectic Wonders

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Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store | The Highest Rated Lake Outdoor Martin Furniture Store

Experience the Lake Martin outdoor furniture store with the best selection of Lake Martin outdoor furniture, grills, patio furniture, and apparel. Whenever you are visiting Lake Martin there is no way that you can skip over our awesome mini mall. Everything that we have to offer you is top-notch and unique. Our promise is that anything for your outdoor living will be perfect and even your kitchen essentials can be purchased here. No one can create an experience like Lake Martin mini mall. We promise to always go the extra mile when it comes to community and welcoming our guests. Of course, we always try to immerse ourselves into the Lake Martin community to make sure that you are getting the most relevant apparel, outdoor kitchen essentials and so much more. We put on several events to make sure that you will always be entertained while you are on your visit to Lake Martin. Whatever your needs may be, we will be here with a friendly face ready to welcome you into the most fun and exciting mini mall that you could experience. Let us make your trip special!

One of our unique items here at Lake Martin mini mall is the big green egg. Why is this so special? Having a green egg is going to create versatility in many ways. Your outdoor cooking game is about to be elevated to the next level. From temperature control to state-of-the-art ceramic material, the big green egg is always going to be at the very top of the outdoor cooking game. If you only want the best and most relevant outdoor cooking grill then this is going to be the perfect product for you. It is going to be easy to find it here at Lake Martin Mini Mall. One of our trained staff members will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that may arise. The big green egg is going to create the ultimate cooking experience for you and your family. If you have guessed often this is a perfect tool for you to impress them and serve up the best food they’ve had. If you are looking for a way to elevate your outdoor cooking then don’t wait any longer and come by to check out the big green egg.

Our experience is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever had. We would love to create a community around Lake Martin Mini Mall that cannot be surpassed by anyone else. If you are wanting a family-friendly and fun experience you can take a trip and visit our Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store. When did Lake Martin Mini Mall get our start? In 2013 Scott and Jason Lett purchased a section of land off of Highway 63 and State Route 229. These brothers had a big dream to make it enjoyable for every single one of Lake Martin travelers to enjoy their stay. Even if you aren’t a lake person they wanted to create an experience that was going to be one for the books. From our unique products to our community events we promise that your stay at Lake Martin is going to be unlike any other. Creating community was always the highest priority when brothers Scott and Jason purchased the land to build Lake Martin mini mall. Now, this community is thriving and ready for your visit! Dreams really do come true.

Unique products are one of our strong suits here at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store. Constantly looking for new and top-of-the-line products to sell is something that lake Martin mini mall has done so well for years. We understand that everyone has probably been to a mini mall before but we want to create an experience that is going to redefine the way you look at shopping. We love to think of ourselves as much more than a Mall. By paying very close attention to the newest and most relevant products on the market we are going to be able to create a place for you that you’ll never want to leave. In need of a gift for a family member or a friend? We have you covered front and back! Take a look inside our many stores and I’m sure that you will find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Get your friends or family members a gift that is going to be unique and that they will cherish forever. We promise that you can find anything you could imagine here at Lake Martin mini mall.

Are you building a new walkway or entryway? Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store not only has the widest and most elite outdoor furniture that anyone could offer but we also offer many decorative pieces as well to top off your outdoor aesthetic. Decorative fountains to make your outdoor experience complete or stones to create the most beautiful entryway for your home. Whatever you may be looking for, one of our staff members will be sure to direct you to the right area to find the finishing touches or foundational pieces for your outdoor space.

Something that we focus heavily on at Lake Martin mini mall is providing our customers with unique pieces for their outdoor oasis. Not only do we carry outdoor items but we also offer an indoor store full of home decor that will be the perfect finishing touch to your space. Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store has tons of handmade earthborn pottery and local art to decorate your home with. We understand that there are many places that you could shop but we promise there will be no one store as unique as our mall. Have you been looking for unique pieces that no one else has? Visit the most hospitable mini mall in the area or take a road trip to Lake Martin to visit our stores and find the perfect statement pieces for your indoor cozy hideaway or your outdoor space. You can always find something to catch your eye! You can get in touch with us today on our website or give us a quick call with any questions at 334.857.3900.