Home Décor

If you love Lake Martin, the Lake Martin Mini Mall is definitely the place for you!

Our love for Lake Martin is evident all around the store. We have lots of home decor items to complete that perfect style in your home. Anything from vintage to new items, we are certain to have something that will catch your eye. Some items we carry include wall decor, wind chimes, driftwood, vintage items, home accents, local art, and much more! We are always adding new and unique items to our store, so make sure

Wall décor

We have our walls filled with Lake signs and decorations for every home. We offer a large variety of Lake Martin maps, in many different styles and colors. Lake maps provide the perfect wall art for any home or porch area. Our maps are detailed and all very unique. Along with Lake Martin maps, there are many signs and decorations for the indoors or outdoors. We carry a line of metal signs that will not weather. These signs are made to be outdoors, so that dock you were wanting to decorate just got easier! The design of these metal signs make it almost impossible to blow away, and again they won’t weather. When looking at the wall art we have, you will notice the uniqueness of every piece. This is because most of our decorations are made from local people. We are a company that loves and supports shopping and supporting all things local.

Earthborn Pottery

Now you can have the look of a fine restaurant at home. Earthborn pottery comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Each item is tough enough to withstand daily use, and yet unique, beautiful, and work with any décor. The abrasive-resistant glazes are fired at such high temperatures that the clay and glaze form an impenetrable bond making each piece extremely durable. Each piece of Earthborn pottery is organic in design and the edges will vary from piece to piece. They are all  handmade and all very unique. Lots of love and time go into making these beautiful dishes and they make for a perfect gift.

For Every Home

Lake Martin Mini Mall doesn’t stop at just wall art. There are so many other cool things you can find around the store that will look great in any home. We are a seller of the famous Tyler Candles. These candles are long lasting and they all have wonderful smells. Everyone loves candles right? They not only make for the perfect decoration for you, they also make for a perfect gift for someone else. At the Lake Martin Mini Mall, we also have so many other things for any home. We carry unique hand towels, coasters, floormats, etc.. There is literally something here for everyone!

Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store | Decorating Outdoor Spaces

Check out our lake decor if you are looking for Lake Martin outdoor furniture at Lake Martin Mini Mall today. There is no place better to look for the unique pieces that you desire to have in your home than at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store. We promise to provide you with amazing costumer service and even better a fully stocked store for all your home decor wishes. Are you decorating your home and need to find that one piece that will tie it all together? Visit us here at Lake Martin Mini Mall and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Wall decor, pottery and so many other options! Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store has the decor for any home. We would love to supply you with the home decor you have been looking for. Our pottery options are great in many ways. For one, they are all unique bcause we carry earthborn Pottery. If you have never of Earthborn Pottery, they are a high end looking pottery brand that will elevate any kitchen. Each and every piece is organically hand crafted for each optimal satisfaction. No two pieces are the same so you can always be proud of the purchase you have made because it is uniquely yours.

If you are looking for your next vacation spot and love the water and shopping then Lake Martin is going to be perfect for you. Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store has a goal in mind to make sure that every single one of your family members is going to enjoy their time at the lake. If you want to create an experience for your family vacation then come visit Lake Martin mini mall. Focusing on the whole family is one of our strong suits because we believe that the lake should be an enjoyable place for everybody. While you are here you are going to be able to find super unique pieces at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store. We promise to create great memories for you and your family members. Our decor is unmatched and so unique so if you are in search of that perfect and unique piece of decor then look no further.

We would absolutely love to help you with any of your decor needs because we are sure that at Lake Martin Outdoor Furniture Store you will find the home decor that will finish out your home. Since 2013 our mini mall has been a place for many vacationing families. We want to provide you with great customer service while each and every one of your family members enjoys themselves and finds an item that they love. With a great selection of home decor furnishings, outdoor kitchen essentials and gifts and apparel, we are positive that you are going to be able to find something that will make you smile.

Lawn ornaments, wind chimes, vintage items, home accents and local art are all items that we have right here in our great mall. Are you on the hunt for a lawn piece that will give your yard a unique look? We have this and so much more here at Lake Martin Mini Mall. Come check us out on your next vacation to Lake Martin. Get in touch with us today by calling us at 334.857.3900.