Best Lake Martin Furniture Store | Is Boating a Favorite Vacation Activity?

Is boating a favorite vacation activity for you? Do you love spending time on the water? Is Lake life totally your style? We have the perfect shopping experience for you! The best Lake Martin furniture store is located in Lake Martin mini mall at 7995 Kowaliga Rd off of Highway 63. You can find us online on Instagram @lmminimall. don’t forget to visit our website for more information and details on what you can find with us.

The best Lake Martin furniture store is family owned and operated by Jason and Scott lett. Jason and Scott have spent the majority of their lives working and playing on Lake Martin in Eclectic Alabama. Lake Martin offers 44000 acre Reservoir Lake that includes 750 miles of wooded Shoreline. If that doesn’t say Outdoorsman we don’t know what does. Lake Martin offers popular recreation activities such as swimming, boating, water skiing, camping, and even golfing. Are confined fishing tournaments and Independence Day fireworks at Lake Martin and more Lake life shopping opportunities at Lake Martin mini mall. stop in and let us help you what’s your Lake life shopping needs.

Whether you’re looking to create an enchanting room that incorporates Lake life into your decor or whether you’re looking to spice up that backyard entertainment area we refer to as outdoor kitchens, the best Lake Martin furniture stores the place for you. We know we have a great selection that will offer you exactly what you’re looking for. Among our vendors their offer that wonderful shopping experience are adventure parks, all South, patio Essentials, screencraft, eclectic bee farm, Paul’s metal petals, Magnolia casual, woodlot artisans, Tyler candles, and much much more!

Not looking for home decor for outdoor furniture? We also have opportunities for you to shop for those wonderful Southern Vacation souvenirs. You can find unique seasonal apparel, Lake life Style hats, t-shirts, coasters, and much more at Lake Martin Mini Mall in Eclectic Alabama. We know that whether you’re shopping for something to take home for yourself or for that Outdoorsman in your life, you’ll find the perfect gift at Lake Martin mini mall. Visit our website online and view video testimonials from past customers. We know you’ll enjoy your shopping experience as much as they did, if not more.

Find Lake Martin mini mall in Eclectic, Alabama in Elmore County. We’re located just off Highway 63 and if you need directions, please visit our website, Will be happy to help you find out where we are. We look forward to your visit today. If you have questions about any of our vendors or what we offer please feel free to give us a call at (334) 857-3900. You can find us on Instagram at @lmminimall. We would love to see you in person and help you with all of your vacation or lake lifestyle shopping today.

Best Lake Martin Furniture Store | Do You Enjoy Water-Skiing?

Do you enjoy water skiing? Do you enjoy Lake life? are you in the Alabama area? Is your traveling or vacation taking you to the Deep South? We have the perfect shopping opportunity for you! Visit the best Lake Martin furniture store in Eclectic Alabama and Elmore County today.

You will find us off of Highway 63 in Eclectic Alabama. If you need help with directions, please visit our website. When did glad to help you find us at 7995 Kowaliga Rd.The best Lake Martin furniture store is located at Lake Martin mini mall. We have the unique opportunity to help you decorate your outdoor living space, you’re home, aren’t you just bring that unique souvenir home to the Outdoorsman in your life. What are the Outdoorsman in your life enjoys water skiing, swimming, boating, or even golf, we’re sure you’ll find that delightful surprise gift with us.

For outdoor furniture visit The Eclectic Furniture Company and find their heavy line is designed and constructed to take all the hearts outdoor elements and high wind conditions complete with stainless steel fasteners uncompressed molded composite material for the perfect choice. or visit breezesta to find unique furniture for that green individual who enjoys looking out for Mother Earth. breezesta office furniture made from poly Lumber created from America’s waste stream out of recycled plastic milk jugs and water bottles. Breezesta outdoor furniture offers a residential life warranty and gives you the opportunity to enjoy outdoor furniture without insect infestations, wood rot, or chipping or peeling paint. Sounds delightful! Visit us at best Lake Martin furniture store today!

Are you looking for Lake lifestyle involving perhaps an outdoor kitchen? Miss outdoor furniture we also offer a unique modernized version of an ancient design called a kamado. You’ll love the Big Green Egg which comes in 7 convenient sizes and can meet the needs for any outdoor grills man and you are alive. The Big Green Egg also offers you the opportunity to not only Grill Outdoors but also to smoke your Meats, roast your dishes, or even bake. you can find communities online for the Big Green Egg as well as recipes designed specifically for this little cooking gem. Spice up your outdoor entertainment with us at Lake Martin mini mall.

Lake Martin mini mall is Family owned and operated by Jason and Scott lett. Jason and Scott spent most of their life on Lake Martin working and playing here in the area. Who better to offer you that Lake Style you’re looking for. Lake Martin are forty-four Thousand Acre Reservoir with over 750 Mi of wooded Shoreline. It offers unique outdoor opportunities with recreation activities including swimming, boating, camping, and even golf. If you have outdoor type interest in things such as Eagles Nest, Lake Islands such as Chimney Rock, Lake Martin offers is that Lake lifestyle getaway for your family. Don’t forget to shop Lake Martin mini mall to find that unique and delightful gift for the Outdoorsman in your life or that just right gift to take back home and surprise someone that missed this visit to Alabama. Find our hours of operation and more online at or give us a call at (334) 857-3900.