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Do you enjoy nature? Do you enjoy being outdoors? Do you like camping, Eagles Nest, hiking, swimming, and more? Lake Martin offers all of these opportunities and more with a 44000 Baker Reservoir in 750 miles of what did Shoreline, Lake Martin is a perfect place are recreational activities such as swimming, boating, camping, and even golfing. Lake Martin mini mall has The best Lake Martin furniture store in Eclectic Alabama. Located at 7995 Kowaliga Rd, Come visit us today!

The best Lake Martin furniture store is family owned and operated by Jason and Scott Lett. located in Lake Martin mini mall, we have mini Adventures to share with you through extended list of vendors offering an experience of wonder and Lake life an outdoor lifestyles we’re sure you’ll enjoy. What are your looking for that perfect souvenir to take back home to the Outdoorsman in your life or you’re looking to decorate your home or to spice up that outdoor entertainment area back home, we’re sure we have the right opportunity and selection for you.

Outdoor kitchen or grilling opportunity, find the Big Green Egg at our location. The Big Green Egg is a modernized version of a kamado the offers unique outdoor cooking experiences to all those who own one. Did you know that you can not only Grill in the Big Green Egg but also baked, smoke, or roast food in the Big Green Egg. Sounds crazy right? We assure you it is a possibility. Visit us to find out more. As well as outdoor grilling we offer outdoor furniture, gifts and apparel, and Home Decor opportunities so come and Shop with us at Best Lake Martin Furniture Store in Eclectic Alabama.

Breezesta offers outdoor furniture made from poly Lumber. What is poly Lumber you ask? For those that enjoy the green side of life and recycling, poly Lumber is made from plastic milk jugs and plastic water bottles collected from America’s waste stream and recycled into poly Lumber. This unique Blended material office of residential life warranty that includes no insect infestations, no wood splitting, no wood rot, and no peeling paint. interested? Come shop with us at the best lake furniture store.

You can visit us on our website to find and view video testimonials from customers that have shop with us previously. We know that it will brighten your day and broaden your horizons When shopping for the Outdoorsman in your life. We also ship all over the United States so if you’re just passing through on vacation or decided to stop on a women don’t have the ability to haul everything back with you, don’t let that stop you. We can ship your products wherever you need them to go inside the United States. Summer adventures with us visit our website online at a or give us a call with any questions you may have at (334) 857-3900. We’re located off of Highway 63 in Eclectic Alabama. You can also find directions, hours of operation and more on our website.

Best Lake Martin Furniture Store | Ever Heard of a Kamado?

Ever heard of a kamado? we have. And we assure you this is quite the interesting Cooking opportunity. Whether you enjoyed cooking or grilling Outdoors, we have something special for you. The best Lake Martin furniture store at Lake Martin mini mall in Eclectic Alabama. Come and see us in person today. We know you’ll find that unique shopping experience with us and the many vendors located in our mini mall. Find us at 7995 Kowaliga Rd.

Remember that kamado thing I mentioned? Well you might know it as the Big Green Egg. And then again this product might also be new to you. The Big Green Egg Is an outdoor cooker Travers you the opportunity to grill, bake, roast, and smoked food Outdoors. It comes in seven sizes and can be configured in many different packages designed to me each of your specific needs. The Big Green Egg has online communities, unique recipes, how many more accessories to once again fit your individual needs. You can find the Big Green Egg at the best Lake Martin furniture store an Eclectic Alabama by visiting us today.

The best Lake Martin furniture store is family owned and family operated by Jason and Scott Lett. Jason and Scott have grown up in the Lake Martin area both working and playing on Lake Martin most of their lives. Who better to help you bring a little bit of Lake life and Southern Vacation Style back home. whether you’re looking to redecorate a room and that Lake Style or a spice up your backyard entertainment opportunities or just pick up a souvenir as you’re passing through Eclectic Alabama, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for at Lake Martin mini mall with Jason and sky.

We offer seasonal apparel, hats, t-shirts, coasters, outdoor patio furniture, unique statuary, and so much more through local vendors. you’ll find vendors such as the ones we’ve mentioned here like the Big Green Egg and breezesta. But you’ll also find sadhana grills, Smith chairs, Fiore stone,Vintage addiction, Pine designs, Pacific Home & Garden, and many more. Lake life is a staple at Lake Martin mini mall and we know you’ll enjoy experiencing the wonders of eclectic Alabama here at our little place off Highway 63.

We would love to help you create that Charming room, that wonderful and delightful backyard area, or that refreshing and enchanting outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted. We ship throughout the United States so no worries I’m not being able to haul whatever you find here back with you. We’d be happy to meet your needs. if you have questions please feel free to give us a call at (334) 857-3900 or visit us online at When you visit our website don’t forget to view our video testimonials to see what past customers have to say about us.