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In 2013 the brothers, Scott and Jason Lett purchased a portion of land Off of Highway 63 and state route 229. these two brothers had a big dream to make Lake Martin Travelers enjoy their stay even more so than they already would. even if you aren’t a lake person they wanted to create an experience that was going to be unique compared to the others and just loads of fun. We not only offer the widest and most elite outdoor furniture selection that any other furniture store could compare to, but we also offer many decorative pieces as well to add to your outdoor aesthetic.

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Best Lake Martin Furniture Store | The Big Green Egg

Have you been looking for the best Lake Martin furniture store? Well look no further! Lake Martins mini mall will provide you with an experience that will set us apart from any other furniture store that you have visited. one of our main goals when purchasing the business was was that we wanted to provide several different ways to help everybody enjoy their time spent at the lake. we are always looking for different and unique products to sell in ways to sell them.

You may have heard of our big green egg here at the best Lake Martin furniture store. The Big Green Egg is not only the best looking grill out there, but it is also known for being the most versatile. You can use it to grill, bake, smoke and it also has precise temperature control as well as it being safe and easy to use.Everyone who tastes a dish that has been prepared on a Big Green Egg becomes a fan for the rest of their life. this is all thanks to the unparalleled amazing taste that it delivers.

so what is a secret behind the Big Green Egg here at the best lake Martin furniture store? First of all, let’s ask what the Big Green Egg can do And what you will be able to cook on it. when you purchase Our Big Green Egg your options do not only stop at grilling. you will be able to grill, roast, smoke, and bake all with the same product. with seven different sizes to choose from there is a Big Green Egg to fit everybody with every lifestyle. the Big Green Egg will make cooking fun and easy

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