Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Are Fishing Tournaments a Part of Your Lake Life?

Are fishing tournaments a part of your Lake life? Did you know that Lake Martin hosts many events throughout the year? Some of those events include fishing tournaments, a fireworks show on the 4th of July, and the Alexander City Jazz Festival. if fishing tournaments are part of your Lake life then let us scare you and your adventures in the right direction With vendors such as green monster fishing lights, Bote Paddle Boards, Fireworks sales, and the Big Green Egg.

Find Lake Martin furniture store for all of your fishing tournament and Lake life needs. Lake Martin mini mall is family owned and operated by Jason and Scott lett. Jason and Scott have been in the Lake Martin area working and playing on the lake most of their lives. If that doesn’t tell you that we are specially equipped to boost your experiences with Lake life here on Lake Martin, we don’t know what will. Lake Martin mini mall offers decor opportunities such as pottery, windchimes, concrete statuary and water features, patio furniture, grills, fireworks sales, and more. Are you curious yet? Visit our website and give you some of the testimonial videos that are previous customers have left for your viewing enjoyment. We know you’ll find just the Right Touch of Lake life at Lake Martin mini mall.

Earth-born Pottery offers a professional restaurant style look and feel at home weather that home is in Lake Martin or another state in the US. Earth-born Pottery offers an organic design on the edge is very from piece to peace giving you that unique one-of-a-kind feeling. It makes a great gift whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or entertainment set or whether you’re gifting a few pieces to friends as souvenirs back home. For the Outdoorsman in your life weather Lakeside or at home we also provide fountains beautiful and unique and ornate enough to decorate your home, Garden, lake house, or office. Brand new depth and a new feeling to your space and that opportunity resides when you find Lake Martin furniture store at Lake Martin mini mall. Another beautiful creation available from one of our vendors such as cottage stack and cottage corners is a creation with irresistible charm used to construct Garden walls, sidewalks, and pavers around your pool. we’re talking about moth Rock. Again come and check out the treasures we hold dear at Lake Martin mini mall just for you.

I want to hear about one more Modern Marvel which you will find Lake Martin furniture store carries? We’re talking about the Big Green Egg. Now here’s a gem that can really change your life at the lake. Do you bake the desserts for the weekend during the week so you can take them to the lake and enjoy them over the weekend? Do you have to pre roast your Meats before you get to the lake for that weekend getaway? Do you like to grill at the lake while you’re away for the weekend? The Big Green Egg is perfect for your Lakeside Adventures. It comes in seven different sizes and offers you the ability to grill, roast, smoked, and even bake. did you know you can make turkey and wild mushroom pot pie and your big green egg? Have you ever thought of having pizza at the lake? I’m talking homemade pizza. the Big Green Egg makes that possible. Cakes, puddings, cowboy beans, pie, cheese dip, cheesecakes are now all possible when you have a big green egg. You can find it at Lake Martin mini mall so come and see us now.

We’re giving you a lot of information about how to change your Decor, you’re cooking experiences, and add a little spice to your life back home. Maximize your shopping experiences whether on vacation or at a weekend retreat Lakeside by visiting us at Lake Martin furniture store at Lake Martin mini mall. you’ll find us online at If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (334) 857-3900. We look forward to hearing from you and even seeing you in person very soon.

Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Do You Like Cliff Diving in the Lake?

Do you like cliff diving at the lake? Lake Martin includes many popular attractions such as Eagles Nest, natural sand beaches, popular Islands such as Chimney Rock, and more. Chimney Rock Island got its name from a rock protruding out from the top of the island that actually looks like a chimney. This island is sometimes confused with Acapulco Rock. Lake Martin has many islands with many different views and main attractions attached to each one. Cliff diving, swimming, boating, water skiing, camping, and even golfing can all be found in a lake Martin region as well as shopping when you find Lake Martin furniture store. come and see us at Lake Martin mini mall for that wake lifestyle and vacation souvenir shopping Excursion.

When you find Lake Martin furniture store, you’ll discover we’re family owned and operated by Jason and Scott lett. Jason and Scott I spent most of their lives working and playing in the Lake Martin region. Who better to assist you And creating an outdoor entertainment area that brings Lake life to reality. looking to redecorate a room in your home to include your vacation or your Lake Life Style weekend getaway? come to Lake Martin mini mall in Eclectic Alabama to find just what you’re looking for. Visit our website and find out what previous customers have to say about their shopping adventures with us.

When you’re looking at redesigning at outdoor grilling space for that outdoor entertainment space, find Lake Martin furniture store has all your Decor needs. we offer many different planters and pottery for your patio or home from small succulent Planters to large urns. Where are year-round retailer with over 330 ceramic and concrete flower pots for you to browse through. We enjoy providing quality products at competitive prices so visit us today. We also offer water features and fountains for your backyard needs, office spaces, and all around outdoor viewing enhancement ideas.

Still wondering what else we can offer you? How about a new way to grill? Have you ever heard of the new Modern Marvel called the Big Green Egg? It’s styled after an ancient ceramic cooker called a kamado. With the Big Green Egg you have a new way to grill, a new way to roast, a new way to smoke your food, as well as the opportunity to bake! Did you ever think bacon would be possible Lakeside? The Big Green Egg has recipes for all of your cooking needs. naked cheesecake, a dump cake, a bistro chocolate cake, a pizza a Popeye, green bean casserole, cowboy beans, shepherd’s pie, and much much more with this new grilling Adventure call the Big Green Egg.

Take the lake home with you when you shop Lake Martin mini mall. Whether it’s a new cooking Adventure, a new design piece for that special room that’s all yours, a new look for your outdoor kitchen, or a nice little souvenir for that special person you miss back home, you’ll find it here. Visit us online at or give us a call at (334) 857-3900 for any questions that you may have. We look forward to meeting you soon.