Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Are You Looking For Beautiful Pottery?

Are you looking for beautiful pottery? Find Lake Martin furniture store for a wide selection of concrete pottery. You’ll find such Treasures as water fountains, statuary, planters, and much more. Where are Pottery for decorations that will spice up that backyard entertainment area or we have items that will beautify that favorite room and your home that has just been missing that one little thing. We have anything from vintage items to new items and are sure that you will find that sweet little treasure for your home with us. We are located in Eclectic, Alabama off of Highway 63. come visit soon!

we have two earth-born Pottery for that fine restaurant look and feel that you can take home with you. Earth-born Pottery is unique and yet built to withstand daily use. We know that it will brighten up any room in your house. speaking of home decor we have items that are spice up your patio such as wall decor for that outdoor wall that just needs a little something, Windchimes to have a little music to your Lake life, Driftwood items vintage items, Home Accents, and local art. Shop with us to find those wonderous an enchanting just wright gifts for the Outdoorsman or lake life person in your life and Find Lake Martin Furniture Store.

Find Lake Martin furniture store and Elmore County. Lake Martin mini mall is family owned and family operated by Jason and Scott let. Jason and Scott has spent the majority of their lives working playing and experiencing Lake life around the lake Martin region. who better to offer you at wonderous outdoor and Lake lifestyle Adventure piece of pottery or statuary, or outdoor furniture or home decor to suit your needs. Lake Martin is located in Elmore County in Alabama as a 44000 acre Reservoir. it has over seven hundred and fifty miles of wooded Shoreline and is home to many islands, water recreation activities such as swimming, boating, water skiing, camping, and more and even offers the chance to golf. whatever your vacation or lake Life Style needs are, I’m sure we can find them and meet them at Lake Martin mini mall.

You’ve heard all about our offers of concrete statuary and Pottery options I’m not Lake lifestyle decoration options for your home. now let us tell you about that Outdoorsman who likes to grill I’m a selections that he or she will find with us as well. We offer of the widely acclaimed American design ceramic cooker called the Big Green Egg. Derive from an ancient clay cooking device known as a Quemado, this little gem is a modern ceramic Marvel which lets you not only grill outside, but also smoke Meats, roast meats and vegetables, as well as baked Outdoors! Guess you heard me right I said baked! From Bistro chocolate cake 2 Pizza two blue bread pudding chew cheese dip, it’s all available to be made on the Big Green Egg. never worry about pre cooking or baking to take something to the lake with you again. If Lake life is your party life and you’re tired I was rushing to get all those wonderful desserts made before you leave for the lake, check out the Big Green Egg at Lake Martin mini mall.

Visit us online at to view customer testimonials posted for your viewing pleasure see her what everyone has to say about their shopping experiences with us. we also offer a map feature to help you find our location as well as a list of vendors on our website. If you have any questions about what you read or what you find on our website or Instagram site @lmminimall, please give us a call at (334) 857-3900. We would love to hear from you.

Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Does Lake Life Inspire You?

Does Lake life inspire you? Does life on the water make your day? Would you be content to be Lakeside For life? Or possibly just take that style home with you for a while? We would love to help you do that. Find Lake Martin furniture store off of Highway 63 and Elmore County Alabama. We offer a wide selection a concrete Pottery such as statuary, Planters, water fountains, and more. We also offer Lake Life Style clothing and accessories for all of your Lake life means. spending the entire weekend at the lake and no time to cook? We can help you out. Looking to outfit your kitchen with a restaurant style high quality look question we have that too. Shop with us at Lake Martin mini mall and be amazed at the selection we can offer you.

Find Lake Martin furniture store an Elmore County Alabama off of Highway 63. We are a family owned and family operated business. Jason and Scott let have been in the Lake Martin area and enjoyed working and playing Lakeside for most of their lives. Who can inspire you better and help you achieve that outdoor patio look that you’re dreaming of or have been inspired to create. or maybe you’ve been inspired to reorganize a room and bring some of that Lake style home to be a more permanent part of your daily routine. You’ll be glad to know that we offer a wide selection of high-quality Treasures we would love to see you take home with you. Some more inspiration visit our website and view our video testimonials previous customers have shared.

Let us inspire you more when you find that perfect outdoor grilling accessory call the Big Green Egg. Find Lake Martin furniture store to pick up your big green egg today. I promise it’ll change your life. It’s not like any other Grill you have ever owned before. Have you ever been in your regular Grill? Can you smoke Meats in your grill? Can you roast a chicken in your current Grill in your outdoor kitchen? With the Big Green Egg you can make baked apple roses, Pizza, green bean casserole, a dump cake, a cheesecake, a bistro chocolate cake, cowboy beans, smoked turkey and cheddar mac and cheese oh, and more. I want to change the way you spend your cooking time at the lake? Find your big green egg at Lake Martin mini mall.

We have coasters, hats, mugs, t-shirts, windchimes, seasonal apparel, and more to meet your Lake lifestyle or vacation needs. we have vendors such as adventure parks, Athens stonecasting, breezesta are poly Lumber furniture fluid from recycled plastic, poor boy Woodworks, puppy love, Magnolia casual, vintage addiction, Tyler candles, and so very much more. Allow us to Thrill you with a selection we offer. boost your excitement and bring your shopping adventures to treasure hunt through our store today.

We truly hope you will find everything your Lake lifestyle heart desires and all your vacation shopping needs at Lake Martin mini mall in Eclectic Alabama today. visit us online on social media on Instagram @lmminimall and on our website at If you still have questions or would like to learn more about our offers, vendors, their products, or need directions please give us a call at (334) 857-3900. We look forward to meeting you today.