Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Have You Seen the World’s Largest Boat Party?

Have you seen the world’s largest boat party ? The world’s largest boat party is sponsored by Sea Ray Boats. In 2009 the festival was held at Lake Martin in Alabama and featured a concert by country music singer Alan Jackson. Sound interesting yet? Lake Martin is a 44000 acre Reservoir with 750 miles of what did Shoreline and several islands what do you need an interesting attractions for each one. The Martin Dam Powerhouse generates hydroelectric power for the Alabama Power Company and was constructed and completed in 1926. Lake Martin Offers a variety of aquatic activities including swimming, water skiing, boating, and cliff diving. come and see what we have to add to those Adventures at Lake Martin mini mall.

Find Lake Martin furniture store off of Highway 63 in Eclectic Alabama. Lake Martin mini mall is family owned and family operated by Jason and Scott lett. Jason and Scott have worked and played most of their lives on Lake Martin. Who better to help you enjoy Lake life and guide you through your souvenir shopping adventures then someone who is very familiar with the area and the vendors here at Lake Martin. Visit Lake Martin mini mall Define vendors such as Tyler Candles, puppy love, Magnolia casual, eclectic bee farm, Innovations by chance, Paul’s metal petals, Millwood art, meisenberg, real Studio, AllSouth, and the Big Green Egg. To find more vendors offered at Lake Martin mini mall please visit our website. We would love to show you more!

Find Lake Martin furniture store offers a wide selection of concrete Pottery such as water fountains and statuary, furniture, clothing and seasonal apparel, decor and more. We have the ability and the opportunity to help you with not only water features an outdoor fountains for your home, office, and Lake home, but also assist you with Garden walls, sidewalks and even pavers around your pool. We have Planters and pottery, wind chimes, an outdoor kitchens. whether you’re remodeling your outdoor entertainment space, remodeling a room in your home, or outfitting a lake home what’s some really cool unique items, Lake Martin Mini Mall is here to assist you and your adventurous shopping needs.

The Big Green Egg offers a new style of Lake life for those who precook desserts for that Lakeside weekend and for those who smoke for roast Meats before that same Lakeside weekend, have we got something for you. The Big Green Egg is a kamado cooker that allows you to roast Meats, Smoked Meats, Grill, and even bake. No more pre cooking and smoking. Now you can bake pizzas, dump cakes, cowboy beans, cheesecakes, chocolate bistro cake, green bean casserole, smoked turkey and cheddar mac and cheese, uneven turkey shepherd’s pie in the Big Green Egg. Find Lake Martin furniture store to purchase your Big Green Egg today.

Visit Lake Martin furniture store and Lake Martin mini mall for your southern vacation and Lake life needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (334) 857-3900. Want to hear what our other customers have said about their shopping adventures? Visit our website online and watch their testimonial videos. We know you’ll find just the Right Touch of Lake life to add to your life whether it’s at home, at the office, or at your lake house.

Find Lake Martin Furniture Store | Have You Seen Goat Island?

How do you ever seen Goat Island in Alabama? That sounds like something right out of a movie doesn’t it? Goat Island is a real thing and is one of many islands with a specific unique attraction for that Island. Find Lake Martin furniture store off of Highway 63 and Alabama. Lake Martin Mini Mall is here to support the stars of Goat Island. You may still be able to get a shirt to help support those awesome little goats on that one specific Island Only available at Lake Martin mini mall.

Goat Island is just North of Martin dam is about a half a mile long. It’s used for camping and of course the island has a history of goats. At one time the island became a residence for several families of goats Anna’s been Goat Island for as long as Lake dwellers can remember voters enjoy cruising the waters hoping to catch a glimpse of these Island goats. Have you seen them? Visit Lake Martin mini mall and talk with Jason and Scott lett. these gentlemen our family and own Lake Martin mini mall. They’ve spent most of their lives working and playing and a lake Martin region so dropping and swap stories about Goat Island and find all the treasures that they’re beautiful mini mall has to offer such as concrete water features in statuary, the Big Green Egg, Moss Rock for those Garden Pathways and pool pavers, Outdoor kitchens, vacation souvenirs, and seasonal clothing and other apparel just suited for Lake life.

What we’ve mentioned outdoor kitchens and Grilling and Lake life. Let’s explore one unique item offered at Lake Martin mini Mall call the Big Green Egg. This unique little grilling apparatus allows you to not only Grill Outdoors but also roast, smoke, and even baked! You heard me right. With the Big Green Egg you can make pizzas, cakes, pot pies, cowboy beans, smoked turkey mac and cheese, steaks, hamburgers, and more. Take Lake life I’m not a whole new style food. No more pre-cooking all those desserts for the weekend and no more priests smoking all those meats for the weekend parties and Gatherings at your lake house. bring a little home cooking into some of your Lakeside cooking. Find Lake Martin furniture store for your Big Green Egg.

We have a long list of vendors that can meet a long list have your home decor needs, your Lake life needs, and even your office needs. We’ve mentioned that some of our outdoor fountains offer an artistic and beautiful landscape scene are your office as well as your home. visit some of our other vendors to find out what else we can offer you at Lake Martin mini mall. Vendors such as Magnolia casual, Premier Gear, Leaning Tree, eclectic bee farm, earth-born pottery, Pacific Home & Garden, green monster fishing lights, smokeware, Tyler candles, and many many more. We enjoy being able to offer you quality products you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Do You need new yard furniture to decorate that outdoor kitchen or entertainment area? are you a fan of recycling I’m taking care of Mother Earth? Breezesta is just the vendor for you. find Lake Martin furniture store for breezesta furniture made from poly Lumber as tough as it is durable. Poly outdoor furniture is made from milk jugs and water bottles collected and rescued from America’s waste stream to create a quality piece of furniture that avoids cracking splintering chipping peeling and wood rot and even insect infestation. Visit us online to view video testimonials from previous customers as well as to gain more information about us and our vendors at If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (334) 857-3900. We’ll see you soon