Things to Do in Lake Martin. Nothing comes close to the experience that Lake Martin and the Lake Martin Mini Mall can offer. With an emphasis on customer service and a welcoming spirit to visitors, we offer a wide variety of top of the line products, at a highly reviewed fan favorite location to stop and rest or just say hi! Looking to redo anything involving indoor, outdoor, furnishings? Apparel? Gifts? landscaping needs? Nothing says welcome like a brand new grill and patio set!

There is no shortage of things to Do in Lake Martin, but especially at the Lake Martin mini mall with an outdoor Furnishing section, landscaping products, apparel, accessories, and much much more! We strive to bring our community feel to everybody who stops by. We’re proud of our state, our Lake, our town, our community, and all of those that hang their hat here. We welcome one and all to enjoy the scenery, the products, and the people. Since 2013 we have maintained big dreams and big aspirations to bring the best quality and the best experience to our customers near and far.

Things to Do in Lake Martin, Not much needs to be said about our charming and quaint corner of the world once you’re here it speaks for itself. If you’re looking for Heartland America with a small town feel, quality people, and quality products, look no further. We call ourselves a mini mall but there is nothing mini about our hearts or our attitudes towards welcoming new friends into our thriving community. We look forward to meeting new faces and seeing the familiar ones again. Please come by just to say hi or to take a look around. I promise you you’ll find something you like.

Don’t look too far if you’re looking for quality, you already found it! We love our gorgeous diverse community and the beautiful people that’s in it. We look forward to welcoming more into our community if only for a day or a night but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stick around a little longer! nothing says home like our beautiful corner of the world that we have carved out. Handpicked top of the line and unique items for the taking. we pride ourselves on being one of the many faces that represent people deeply connected to the rich history that dwells in these lands,.

Learn more today by following the link down below, or give us a call we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Located just off highway 63 and State Route 229 two brothers with a big dream has solidified a thriving business in a thriving environment that continuously is welcoming to all near and far. We look forward to your visit. Tell everybody, bring your friends, bring your family, bring your husband, bring your wife, and bring all the kids, don’t forget to brag about all the cool stuff you can’t help but buy. We hope to see you soon. 334-857-3900

Things to Do in Lake Martin| Feels like home

Things to Do in Lake Martin We try to make everybody feel at home no matter how far away they come from or if they live right down the street our hospitality and our genuine customer service has been Head and Shoulders above nearly every other retail offering our products and services if you want big time top of the line product done right with a small town friendly feel then you better stop by in fact to be a crime if you didn’t just kidding we won’t hate you but you’ll definitely be missing out just remember.

Things to Do in Lake Martin here at our mini mall named after our great lake we offer an experience and service that cannot be surpassed by anyone else if you’re looking for a fun experience family friendly and a place with something for everybody then you found your home we pride ourselves on offering the widest most elite outdoor furniture that anyone could offer as well as many decorative pieces to suit your taste looking for a new outdoor aesthetic we’re finishing up that landscape project that you’ve been putting off for too long? we can help if all you’re looking for are the finishing touches or the foundational pieces for your outdoor or indoor space than our staff would be more than pleased to help you

Things to Do in Lake Martin no shortage of things to catch your eye our community is thriving and so is our business if you want to join in on the fun the activities or you want to play an event in one of our beautiful locations then feel free to contact us at the website link below or just give us a call

we can’t say enough about our lovely Lake our lovely community and our wonderful business that we’ve been so blessed to have and operate for over 10 years that is why we have stayed and plan on being a permanent fixture in our own special corner of America the sentiment of Sweet Home Alabama is embodied here where else could you get treated like family but also have some of the best products available on the market To date For example the Big Green Egg One of the most versatile grilling machines Available to all with a passion for cooking Outdoors don’t give me sorry in all the Fantastic products I could go on for hours but if you’d like to stop on by we would love to keep you around for hours because if you’re like anybody else then you surely won’t want to leave too quick

In closing we hope you enjoy your stay and come back again soon we always have new products to show and it’s always the same wholesome experience that you can expect from a well maintained and Rich Community such as ours visit the link below or give us a call if you want to know more 334-857-3900