You might be asking yourself, what are good Things to Do in Lake Martin? Well to answer your question a little bit of everything…if you’re looking for a pleasurable escape with a warm and welcoming Community surrounded by unique shops only available to the area then this is your place. We welcome our beloved locals as well as new faces just passing through or on vacation. We hope to leave a lasting impression by offering an unparalleled experience through our selection of handpicked and tailored items. We have a little bit of everything, believe me, and if you don’t, check to see what everybody else is saying on our website under testimonials.

No way there’s this many Things to Do in Lake Martin! Not many people know about the subtle beauty of our Great Lake Martin and surrounding area, which is what we hope to remedy with our business. For over 10 years we have been extremely passionate about not only serving our customers with the best, unique products but also crafting a valuable and memorable impression on anyone and everyone that comes through our doors. We greatly appreciate not only our staff but also our community, not to mention the new faces that are in constant rotation as they can’t help but come in to peruse our merchandise.

If you’re looking for Things to Do in Lake Martin, I could go on for hours. The locals here will tell you all the best spots to escape the heat on a hot summer’s day or the best fishing hole that won’t be disturbed by boats passing by. But I’m here to tell you that one of the most famous and memorable spots to take time out of your day to visit would be the Lake Martin Mini Mall. Started by two brothers in 2013 nothing comes close to the level of quality and Care put into every selection offered.

Not to toot our own horn, but we strive every day to elevate our customers’ expectations When shopping for indoor and outdoor home decor, and furnishing. Not to mention the apparel and state of the art outdoor cooking equipment selections. We, at the Lake Martin Mini Mall were not pleased with the quality and selection available at bigger name retailers so through years of service have made an effort to handpick and assist with your choice in product.

Truly if you were looking for a One-Stop shop that can offer almost everything that you may be looking for then I am obligated to point you in the direction of the Lake Martin Mini Mall. Our staff is always welcoming and courteous, ready to assist our valued customers. Our gratitude cannot be extended far enough for the dedicated and loyal patronage of our local customers as well as the courteousness of our visitors from out of state. We Appreciate You stumbling across our establishment and hope to see you soon. Visit the link below if you wish to know more or you want to take a gander at what we offer. We also specialize in event planning and hosting. Hope to see you soon! 334-857-3900

Things to Do in Lake Martin| The place to be

Things to Do in Lake Martin The amount of beauty and elegance that is found at Lake Martin can only be rivaled by the absolute stellar service and experience that you will have at the famous Lake Martin Mini Mall, what other place can you find nearly every single need for your indoor and outdoor Home Furnishing needs as well as landscaping materials, apparel ,knick-knacks, odds and ends, and anything else. Located right next to one of the most stunning clean Lakes that this state has to offer. Don’t take my word for it simply listen to the raving reviews found on our website or in person if you ever stop by!

Things to Do in Lake Martin The community surrounding Lake Martin has been integral to the success of our business without the constant support of the locals as well as the patronage of those passing through or on vacation this dream would not have become a reality we extend the warmest of welcomes to those far and wide to stop on by even if it is just to say hi but I’m almost certain that you will find something that will catch your eye

If I can list all the Things to Do in Lake Martin this article would turn into a novel. Fortunately that seems like the perfect invitation to stop by and learn a little bit about what we have to offer as well as what the people that have supported us throughout the years also have to say about our beautiful corner of the world and the business that we passionately run day in and day out Truly a One of a Kind experience for you your kids your family and anybody else you can convince to come along even if it is just by accident

Not enough can be said about the thriving and Cooperative community that surrounds our business as well as the greater Lake Martin area from event hosting to handpicked top of the line quality products your visit will be one to remember. We were unhappy with the selection and quality available at other bigger corporate retail stores so we aim to supply our community and those coming through with unique and different products that can only be found from us.

We appreciate everybody who takes the time to get to know us and get to know what we offer and if you’re clicking around the internet looking for something to do in the area then look no further than this location right here. Truly something that cannot be surpassed from a genuine warm customer service experience to knowledgeable staff that is trained to assist you in picking out your next piece to complete that patio set or to help you plan out that Landscaping project that you’ve been putting off we’re here to help. 334-857-3900