If you’re looking for things to do in Lake Martin, Lake Martin mini mall is the place where locals and tourists are one in the same. Like Martin mini mall is an indoor and outdoor store that features different products for everyone that enters its doors. It was founded in 1992 and has been operating with respect for the community ever since. Tourists that have visited the area 4 years running now have always made it a tradition to stop by this amazing sore. They offer a wide range of products that always facilitate your leg experience when visiting the beautiful Lake Martin area.

Some of the products they offer when looking for things to do in Lake Martin are candles, earthworm Pottery, coasters, kitchen towels, playing cards, grills, decorative rocks, t-shirts, cats, water bottles, and way more. They are always looking for fun products to incorporate into their large inventory of fun and Lake facilitating products. The reason why people love this community so much is that it always puts a large emphasis on facilitating the community around the area as well as around the world. Stop in today to understand why they have become a local favorite 4 all shopping needs.

Buying a craft candle from Lake Martin mini mall is one of the many things to do in Lake Martin. The candles that they carry our Park Hill candles and Tyler Candle Company candles. Tyler Candle Company candles are some of the nation’s most top selling candles as they are made of a unique blend of soy and paraffin wax. This company does not only make amazing candles but they also make laundry detergent, dryer hatches, car fresheners, and a lot more. No matter what your fragrance needs are, Tyler Candle company has got you covered.

Another one of the popular candle companies that they have in stock is Park Hill candles. Parker Hill candles are hand-poured in the United States and are made of only the most high quality essential oils on the market. These candles burn 4/60 hours and come in 20 different smells and two different styles. Long after these candles burn out, those that purchase them will be able to use the beautiful vases that they come in. You can also take advantage of their handcrafted pottery that is very durable as it uses in a brace of resistant blaze it is fired in a kill at a very high temperature.

If you would like to stop in today to see what Lake Martin mini mall has to offer you, please visit their website at https://lakemartincubed.com/ where you can learn much more about the products they offer, their story, and the communities they work for and with. If you would rather speak with a person on the phone, please give them a call today at(334) -857-3900 where they will be more than happy to answer any questions you have as well as point you in the right direction towards seeing them today. They look forward to hearing from you and welcome you into their community.

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Browsing through the wide variety that Lake Martin mini mall has to offer is one of the best things to do in Lake Martin. Lake Martin mini mall has been doing their thing in Lake Martin since 1994 with a heavy emphasis on the community that they can create both locally and around the world. This company is now run by their second generation owners who started at the store running around as children in the gravel aisles. Even though they are State licensed Builders and have a successful Construction Company, the brothers Scott and Jason Lett purchased the store from its original founder Rodger Moore so they could continue the legacy of this amazing shop and keep building the community in Lake Martin.

The Lake Martin mini mall is two stores in one and provides one of the best things to do in Lake Martin. The Outdoor Store is for those of their customers that are locals or tourists that are looking to develop a vacation home within the area. This is because they offer a list of products and services that will be able to enhance your home. These include water fountains, ceramics, large plant pots, River Rock for Dry Creek bed drain Rock and River Rock for house edging, composite outdoor furniture, wood outdoor furniture, and many more. If you are in need of products like this, like Martin many more would be more than happy to welcome you in and help you out with whatever you need.

The indoor store is one of the most common things to do in Lake Martin as it has become quite a tradition for all who frequent or visit the Lake Martin area. The indoor store is home to wind chimes, Driftwood, vintage items, Home Accents, local art, t-shirts, hats, kitchen towels, Coasters, playing cards, cornhole, and much more. The whole is one of the later additions to their inventory as they wanted to incorporate this nationally popular game to benefit any Lake recreation activities you may get into.

While you are in the shop, you can browse through two of their most popular items which are candles and earth-born pottery. The pottery they offer is handmade and very durable as it is covered in abrasive resistant glazes fired at a high temperature so that it remains extremely durable. The candles that they offer our Park Hill candles and Tyler Candle Company candles. These are some of the most popular candles in the nation and come in several different smells and styles. Tyler Candle company uses a unique blend of soil and paraffin wax as well as making laundry detergent, dryer Hatcher’s, car fresheners and so much more.

No matter what you are in need of, stop by the Lake Martin mini mall today to browse through they’re fun and exciting inventory. If you would like to learn more about this company, please visit their website https://lakemartincubed.com/ where you will be able to learn more about the products that they offer both indoor and outdoor as well as the story of their company. If you would rather speak with someone on the phone, please give them a call A (334) -857-3900.