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We are proud of our town, our community, our Lake, and our state Sweet Home Alabama as the song says is true when it comes to the demeanor and the attitude that we bring for our family, our friends, and all of our valued customers. Please stop by if you are a tourist or a visitor or if you’re planning on relocating to the area nearby. We can show you everything that you need to see and point you in the right direction. Everything that you need to furnish your home inside and out with a wide range of pottery as well as one of the most versatile Grills on the market

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Things to Do in Lake Martin| We want you!

Well there’s no shortage of Things to Do in Lake Martin one of the biggest stops you can make is the Lake Martin Mini Mall. Stop on by for great customer service, Exquisite Wares and beautiful scenery. We pride ourselves on being a unique and eclectic shop that focuses on indoor and outdoor Home Furnishings as well as a wide range of pottery and furniture. Grab a gift or souvenir for the folks back home if you’re a traveler or tourist tell your friends, tell your family, tell everybody on Facebook to stop on by. We are truly proud of our land, our Lake and everything that our community has done back in 2013 we chose this location in particular because it is our home and it continues to be that way and we hopefully strive to bring that feeling to everybody who visits.

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Located just off of Highway 63 and State Route 229 we hope to see you. Please stop by and see what we can do for you or just say hi! We look forward to living up to our reputation as one of the most community driven retailers in the area without the sales pitch 334-857-3900