When folks are looking for Things to Do in Lake Martin they usually, inevitably end up at the famous Lake Martin Mini Mall where for over 10 years a dream shared by two brothers has come to fruition not only embodying the rich, thriving culture that surrounds their business they also make efforts to compete with bigger name brand retailers that offer lower quality products without a care in the world for Quality customer service. Our establishment aims to always make our patrons feel at home. Not only do they offer a wide range of unique and top of the line products, they have also partnered with members of their surrounding Community involving Lake Martin to put on a series of successful and highly rated events all with appreciation for the place they call their home

Things to Do in Lake Martin Friendliness, hospitality, culture, and outstanding customer service, is one of the few mission statements that is held dearly by the lake Martin Mini Mall team. Where else can you find such a wide selection to completely change the appeal and look of your home inside and out, while also being able to hit the beach just around the corner. Enjoy all the exciting hospitalities, activities, and events, that happen regularly in the surrounding area put on by our thriving community. You will soon see how our business is but a small piece of what makes this little corn of America so great.

Things to Do in Lake Martin Not many pay attention to the details that truly matter to customers like the Lake Martin Mini Mall staff, we not only sell quality products but also a feeling of home, a feeling of having somebody on your side, and somebody who truly cares about your needs and the quality of the product that you spend your hard-earned money on. We are not some gimmicky gift shop stationed next to a tourist attraction, we are an integral and established piece of the greater commerce that serves to keep our beautiful Lake and its community on par with some of the more popular areas of the country.

What we do right can be easily seen after only 5 minutes in our store. Our friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable staff has no problem spending as much time as you need to select and make sure that you are happy with your purchase, as well as make a valuable connection leaving you with the feeling that you made a true friend and found a new home away from home. We hope to establish our business and our community as a permanent fixture in your memories of places visited by you, your friends, and your family,

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and feel free to visit our website or call the number provided below our staff is always available during business hours and eager to help any new friends that may grace us with their presence. We look forward to seeing you soon.

LakeMartinCubed.com 334-857-3900

Things to Do in Lake Martin| Nowhere Better

Things to Do in Lake Martin Nothing but the best because you are the best and so are we or at least we like to think so we take pride in the fact that we have made countless customers both local and from far away happy and satisfied with their experience with our business we strive to elevate the experience of everybody who visits and to meet the expectations of new and familiar faces that that come to our doors every single day we have been blessed with a vibrant and diverse community that not only has created a reputable name for our area but also our Lake and our establishment

You can’t count the Things to Do in Lake Martin or if you did it would take a while we gave up count a long time ago and instead have just come to the realization that there is so much to offer from Lake Martin that is reflected in our business between the wide selection of hard to find items in world class customer service from our friendly and local staff we look forward to opening our doors everyday and wish we could open our doors to more

Things to Do in Lake Martin swimming camping fishing shopping the possibilities are endless maybe all of them if you have enough time that is one of the many reasons why it’s hard to leave our great community and our Scenic vibrant pocket nestled in the heart of Alabama nothing brings us a Greater Joy than the look on the face of our value customers as they continuously support our once ill formed dream that started way back in 2013 we truly believe that nothing comes close to the level of family-oriented and customer focused services and products that we offer to one and all

Help us bring a truly unique visit to more people’s attention if only to bring them the satisfaction and assurance that they have found one of the few places that genuinely gives attention to detail and cares about the quality of our stock from Landscaping to indoor decor and outdoor Furnishing we have a bit of everything for a little bit of everyone or so we like to think

If you can make it by we would love to see you and if you can’t well we’ll see you next time! Because we know that you will have the feeling of missing out. We hope to create such a lasting impression that you consider stopping by again if you are to ever pass through our beloved Location that we are blessed to call our home. If we can extend that same warm feeling of being home to those just visiting then our mission is accomplished. Feel free to reach out or visit our website if you wish to check out some of our exclusive items as well as event hosting. Oh yeah did I mention that we also have landscaping products? Yeah, I think I did, anyways, hope to see you soon!
LakeMartinCubed.com 334-857-3900